Merit-Based Scholarships

You’ve worked hard in school to maintain your good grades, and there are people out there that’ve noticed. Luckily, these people are willing to reward you with scholarship money! These merit-based scholarships award students based on academic achievement and artistic fineness. Check out our full list of merit-based scholarships below and get started on paying off all that hard work.

First Generation Scholarships

If you are first in your family to attend college, you have a lot to be proud of — and celebrate! By continuing your education, though, you will also have a huge financial responsibility that may be hard to navigate without the guidance of former college graduates. There are many scholarships for first-generation students to help encourage academic success and decrease student debt, and you can find them right here!

Leadership Scholarships

Are you a leader, not a follower? Are you captain of a school team or president of the student body? Did you lead a group of volunteers on a project? If so, you may be qualified for free money for school with these leadership scholarships. Take the lead and browse our list of awards.