Minority Scholarships

To promote diversity on college campuses and make the dream of a higher education possible to all students, many scholarship providers are offering scholarships to minority students. Some of the scholarships in this category are general and scholarship providers encourage any minority students to apply, while others have more specific eligibility requirements and are meant to assist students who belong to a specific minority group. Likewise, students may be eligible to apply for some scholarships simply because they belong to a minority group, while other scholarships may have additional eligibility requirements, including certain merit, financial, or talent-based qualifications.

African American Scholarships

African American and Black students looking for scholarships can use our Scholarship Directory to find awards specifically designated for this minority group. Some of the awards in this category simply require applicants to be a minority, and others require applicants to be of African descent.

Asian Scholarships

Students of Asian descent, including Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, Filipino, Pacific Islanders and others, have several minority scholarship opportunities available to them. This directory makes it easy to find Asian scholarships for students looking to add more money to their college funds. Start browsing and find money for college through these scholarships for Asians.

Hispanic Scholarships

Hispanic students seeking scholarships for college can use our Scholarship Directory to find awards for this specific minority group. Most scholarship providers in this category require applicants to be of Hispanic or Latino descent, but many awards simply require that applicants belong to a minority group to apply.

Native American Scholarships

Native American students of all ages have the opportunity to help pay for their college education with these minority scholarships. There are several American Indian tribes that have specific scholarship programs available to provide funding for college tuition and fees. So, if you have a family history or are affiliated with an American Indian tribe, check out this list of Native American scholarships.

Other Ethnic Scholarships

There are various scholarships available for minorities to take advantage of. We've put them all together in this list for you to find even more ways to increase your college financial aid. Start browsing and apply today!